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Medicare will provide free at-home virus tests for pickup, the Biden administration says.

First American News LLC: Raleigh, NC: Medicare, which covers roughly 60 million Americans, will provide free over-the-counter rapid coronavirus tests beginning in the spring, according to the federal government’s Medicare and Medicaid agency. The policy would “allow Medicare beneficiaries to pick up tests at no cost at the point of sale and without needing to […]

New Covid Variant: What We Know About the BA.2 Omicron Strain

First American News LLC, Raleigh NC: At least 40 countries, including Denmark, India and the U.K., have detected the variant As newly reported cases of Covid-19 decline in parts of the U.S., researchers around the world are monitoring a new variant of the Omicron variant dubbed BA.2. The variant is under observation by countries including […]