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United Airlines details Omicron’s toll: 3,000 workers have the coronavirus.

In a single day over the holidays, nearly one in three United Airlines employees called in sick at Newark Liberty International Airport, a major hub for the airline, the company’s chief executive said on Tuesday. The revelation, which came in a memo to staff from the airline’s chief executive, Scott Kirby, helps explain why U.S. […]

Child hospitalization has reached an alarming rate as Omicron variant becomes prevalent

First American News LLC-Raleigh, NC: Covid-19 hospitalization rates among children are soaring in the United States, with an average of 4.3 children under 5 per 100,000 hospitalized with an infection as of the week ending January 1, up from 2.6 children the previous week, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and […]

Is it A Cold? Or is It Covid? First American News LLC

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: Many people in New York City are canceling holidays gatherings and lining up for hour outside coronavirus testing centers. The Systems of common cold are typically a stuffy head, the sniffles and body aches. Now, this season, there’s a new one: panic. As the largest coronavirus variant races through […]

Omicron is Highly ContagiousBut May Be Less Dangerous, Now Why Is Causing So Much Fear

First American News LLC: Raleigh, NC: Every American is being drawn into a reckoning over how much risk is acceptable to get the nation back on its feet as the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 rages out of control. The country is being buried under an avalanche of new infections, but after two exhausting, demoralizing […]