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The Rise in Interest Rates Is Destabilizing The Real Estate Market

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: Just when homebuyers hoped to catch a break from a construction boom that promised to increase supply, along came surging mortgage rates. The surge in mortgage rates we’ve seen this year is making an already dysfunctional housing market even more uncertain. Higher lending costs will make housing less affordable, […]

Down Payments for Housing Have No Place in the Stock Market

First American News LLC, Raleigh NC: Even amid soaring house prices, high inflation and endless investment opportunities, saving for a home means parking money in cash savings. Millennials have aged into home-buying territory. Last year, we made up the largest demographic of house buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. Elder Millennials, or those born between 1980 […]

The odds of being a stock market winner in 2022 are in your favor for this one big reason

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: There’s a two-out-of-three chance the U.S. stock market will rise in 2022. A 66% probability of a rising market next year seems downright attractive, given that equities have more than doubled over the past 18 months. What many investors don’t realize is that these market odds stay the same […]