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Child hospitalization has reached an alarming rate as Omicron variant becomes prevalent

First American News LLC-Raleigh, NC: Covid-19 hospitalization rates among children are soaring in the United States, with an average of 4.3 children under 5 per 100,000 hospitalized with an infection as of the week ending January 1, up from 2.6 children the previous week, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and […]

Wall Street Is Using Tech Firms Like Zillow to Buy Starter Homes

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: A business that’s touted as a convenience for home sellers has created a secret pipeline for big investors to buy properties, often in communities of color. Zillow Group Inc. spent last year aggressively expanding a home-flipping operation designed to make the $2 trillion U.S. real estate market better for […]

Covid: US reports record infections as Europe’s Omicron cases also soar

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: The US and several European countries have reported their highest daily rises in Covid cases since the pandemic began, as the Omicron variant spreads. More than 440,000 new cases were recorded in the US on Monday, health officials said. France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and England have also reported record […]

Luxury Real Estate In New York’s Best Year Ever In Sales

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: In case anyone was still worried about New York City is “over,” the news of its best-ever year in luxury home sales should put that concern permanently to rest. Of the 1,877 contracts signed at $4 million and above, a staggering 400 were signed for properties asking $10 million […]