Commercial Real Estate Is Seen as an Inflation Hedge, but That Isn’t Always the Case

First American News LLC-Raleigh, NC: With inflation running its hottest in four decades, some investors are starting to question the strength of real estate’s defenses against higher prices. Investors purchased a record amount of commercial property and bet big on real-estate stocks last year, viewing the sector as a hedge against inflation. Now, with inflation […]

Real-Estate Venture Boom Is Tested by Stock Market’s Slide

First American News LLC: Raleigh, NC: Property startups emerged as one of the hottest tickets for venture investors during a record-breaking 2021. The recent stock-market selloff is testing the limits of that boom. Real-estate companies collected $12.2 billion in venture funding last year, according to private company data tracker CB Insights, up 34% from the […]

Fed Needs to Hike to Slow Inflation Without Recession, Credit Suisse Says

First American News LLC: Raleigh, NC: The Federal Reserve needs to deliver a Volcker-style shock to drive down asset prices if it wants to slow inflation without causing a recession, according to Credit Suisse Group AG strategist Zoltan Pozsar. Policy makers should stoke volatility to set off corrections in assets including stocks, houses and Bitcoin, […]

The Rise in Interest Rates Is Destabilizing The Real Estate Market

First American News LLC, Raleigh, NC: Just when homebuyers hoped to catch a break from a construction boom that promised to increase supply, along came surging mortgage rates. The surge in mortgage rates we’ve seen this year is making an already dysfunctional housing market even more uncertain. Higher lending costs will make housing less affordable, […]