WSJ Digital Subscription Cost?

Wall Street Journal 3 years subscription by

As the cost goods continues to rise, gas prices over the roof, what about your WSJ news subscription?

Luckily for you, we at First American News have the answer on how you to keep you reading, while keeping your cost down.  We introduce to you the WSJ 5 year digital subscription at a cost only $69 USD.   What will I do with the extra money I save you ask? That is up to you, we simply pass our corporate discounts to you the customer.   

WSJ Digital Subscription

Over the years the need to print the news on paper have change.   Digital is the best way to go, as you can take the news anywhere you go.  It is also environmental friendly, and the archives are always there, meaning you can read old articles at anytime.     One of the great things about WSJ digital is the audio articles which you can play on your radio via you phone connected to Bluetooth.  You can listed to the news while you drive, 

Is WSJ worthy?

Of course it is.  I am not trying to sell you on the idea that you should go digital, but if you like the WSJ print edition we also have a 12-month subscription which is delivery to your home 6 days a week Monday through Saturday.   If you buy with us you save a whopping 60% off the retail price.   How about that for savings? 

WSJ account support

We provide personalized sales and customer support 6-days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-6:00PM, and Saturdays from 8:00AM to 12:00PM EST. You can reach us during business hours at (720) 734-3200.

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